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Brake Repairs and Service For Domestic, Asian and European Vehicles
High Quality Workmanship, the most thorough service and trusted car repair in Waterloo.

Your braking system is crucial for your safety, the safety of your passengers, other drivers and pedestrians. This is why we at Essential Auto perform the most thorough brake service and use the highest quality brake friction and rotors available to greatly reduce your stopping distance. If you notice the following symptoms and sounds, it is time to have a professional auto mechanic check your brakes:

  • Your Brakes squeal
  • Your Brakes grind when in use
  • Your Vehicle pulls to one side when braking
  • Your Brake pedal presses down too easily
  • Your Car is shaking while braking
  • These are only SOME signs and symptoms of fault brakes or brake systems

Act immediately upon noticing the symptoms and signs above


Brake Repairs and Replacement Service, High Quality Workmanship, Auto Repairs in Waterloo

Brake Repairs and Auto Repairs For Domestic, Asian and European Vehicles

It is essential that your braking system is in excellent working order as it directly impacts your safety. When you take your car to an automotive repair shop, you're entrusting your safety to complete strangers. Your safety is virtually in someone else's hands and we at Essential Auto Repairs Waterloo take that seriously. Our expert techicians perform the most thorough brake inspections and break repairs. Not only are we certified experts in automotive repairs, but we also use the highest quality parts to increase your safety and the safety of your passangers. You can be at ease driving your car knowing that Essential Auto Service expert techinicians have serviced your brakes

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